Automated tire inspection

Never waste time inspecting a tire again

Add ons - Tire inspection

Automated tire inspection
A reliable, discreet and innovative system.

Measuring tool

Tire wear measurement via magnetic scanners.
• Battery operated system that does not require a power supply.
RFID reading of the tire if available.

Quick and easy installation

Modular system that can be easily adapted to your site's configuration.
• MICHELIN QuickScan is a worldwide innovation with more than 15 patents.
• Wireless data transfer.
• Installed in 4 hours.

Universal system

• Works for all types and brands of vehicle and tires.
• Works in all weather conditions (rain, snow, ...).
• The magnetic scanner does not require any cleaning related to its environment and its use (dirt, mud, ...).

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Michelin - 130 years of expertise

Automated tire inspection
Michelin AI algorithms.

MICHELIN expertise

Algorithm for transforming
measurements into business information

MICHELIN quality

Data quality management and remote monitoring of installed systems
Secure storage and management of historical data

Get an automatic and instant diagnosis of tire tread depth measurement with millimeter accuracy.

Tire inspection report
Directly integrated in your ProovStation's report.

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Technical specifications.


30 x 400 x 560 mm

Max speed

30 km/h                       


Battery - Product life


- 30°C / + 70°C           

Protection level


Storage & history

12 months

RGPD compliant




"A fully automated tire inspection process"

A 4 steps process.

Step 1

Drive over MICHELIN QuickScan and scan your vehicle by driving through the ProovStation.

Step 2
Sidewall information detection

ProovStation automatically reads sidewall information.

Step 3
AI processing

Data of the tire is sent to the Michelin secured Cloud for treatment.

Step 4
Results available

Within several seconds get your complete vehicle inspection report with Tire tread depth measurement.

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" After intensive investigation and a market analysis, we have carefully selected our partner ProovStation to support us to do our job faster and better "

Wim Ter Voert

Executive Vice President, Dekra

" ProvStation's inspection system allows us to increase the accuracy of damage recognition and to perform these inspections at an unparalleled speed and unit cost in order to best serve our customers."

Jean Roch

CEO, British Car Auction (BCA)

" ProovStation, a start-up that is moving the lines in a business undergoing profound change, and will allow us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that are always more efficient."

Delphine André

CEO, Groupe Charles André (GCA)

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