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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
The business model of ProovStation is simple: a 48 months renting contract. The fee per month is fixed, including the station (hardware), the software (license + updates) and the maintenance. The amount you will pay per month will depend on the model type you choose, and the add-ons you decide to plug to your ProovStation. For more detail, contact us!
Where are you located? Where can I buy a ProovStation?
Our company is based in France, and we have already implemented our solution in 14 different countries (Europe + US). For any other info, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product questions

Can I integrate your data into my system?
Yes. ProovStation provides a standard API (local or cloud based) to communicate with your system.
Can your solution do other detection than damages on the car body?
In order to always speed up and standardize the inspection process, we have developed a range of add-ons to complete the inspection. Automatic tire wear detection, under body scanner, automatic commercial pictures, ... ProovStation is much more than a simple automated scanner.
What type of damages does your AI detect?
Our Artificial Intelligence is trained to detect any type of common damages on any vehicle body and rims (scratches, dents,  ...)
Do I need to scan only dry and clean vehicle?
Clearly, we know that having dry and clean vehicles in day-to-day operations can be really difficult, if not impossible. This is why we are continuously training our artificial intelligence to work even if a vehicle is not perfectly clean or completely wet, without major deterioration of the results.


How long does it take to install your solution?
The installation of a ProovStation is usually performed in 2 days by our team. Then, testing takes another day, and finally training your team the last day. So, in theory, only 4 days are generally required (without transport time), but we will soon have much faster solutions!
What do I need to install a ProovStation?
Almost nothing! Just a flat ground and a power supply. The ProovStation does not require any heavy infrastructure, and do not need to be fixed to the floor.
Can I install a ProovStation in an outdoor environment?
The ProovStation, until now, needs to be installed in a protected location from rain and humidity, such as under a light industrial tent or a building. We are currently working on an outdoor version of or ProovStation, and this product should be available by the end of 2022.