Fast Inspection App

100% digital customizable inspection tool.

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Vehicle identification

Key information
Vehicle registration (automatic plate reading)​
Report date & location - automatic
Vehicle information and documents

Manual, semi-automated or automated
Based on manual filling
Based on customer's database
Based on third parties' database.

Equipment and interior

Accessories, documents & equipment control ​
• Customize your checklist
• Automatic equipment highlight with ID or VIN check

Vehicle interior
• Customize your interior condition check
• Damage photo capture directly integrated in the app

Test drive

Driving experience
• ​Test drive
• Condition of clutch, gearbox, suspension, steering or transmission and braking

Electrical system status
• ​Warning indicators check
• ​Major fault alert (navigation, system, heating, air conditioning, central locking, windows and sunroof)

Engine condition
• ​Indicators control check
• ​Control noise, vibration and smoke.

AI-powered exterior inspection

Damage validation
• ​Validation of AI damages detection
• ​Possibility to add an extra damage
• ​Add a comment and extra picture

Repair mode
• ​Select a repair method per element or damage
• ​Add additional packages (cleaning, sticker removal...).

Photo shoot

Fast & standardise pictures
• ​Directly integrated in the app
• ​Easy to use
• ​Attractive pictures to boost sales potential

Customize your commercial photo filters
• ​Customize your process by adding more guides
• ​Personalize the layout
• ​Automatic background removal (option)

Inspection information sharing through centralized APIs in the cloud.

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Inspection Data uploaded to a Cloud server & accessible directly through APIs

Timestamped, geolocated and secured inspection report accessible in the Management Platform