Manage your ProovStation Network

Anytime & Everywhere.

Standardize your inspection process

Pre-program your inspection standards

Our management platform features includes:

• 3 pre-program templates based on our expertise
• Requirements tailoring based on vehicle age, price, brand, mileage or per customer
• Process standardization (vehicle identification, test drive, equipment and interior check, photo shoot, report)
• Program filters by damage, by severity & by vehicle part.

Customize your repair prices

Customize your costed inspection

Personalize your repair list & cost per vehicle parts

• Take advantage of our pre-programmed repair estimate based on our expertise​
• Define repair types per vehicle element.
• ​Associate a cost to a repair type directly related to the selected part.
• Add additional customizable packages (cleaning, geometry control, sticker removal).


ProovStation Dashboard

Activity monitoring & KPIs tracking

• Customize your activity reports
• Quick access to statistical inspection data
​   -  Top 10 damage recurrence
​   -  Top 10 damage parts​
​   -  Average repair costs
• Manage your quality & efficiency easily
​   -  Number of inspections
​   -  Average recall / accuracy (AI precision)
​   -  Average inspection time​

APIs and Implementation
Get your inspection data in our Management Platform or directly into your system with our API.

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Key Features
User Management, cloud identity governance & access management solutions.
Vehicle grading / ScoreCard, define your inspection or rebate rules based on the age, mileage, brand or price of the inspected vehicle.
Inspection process, pre-program your inspection guidelines.
Repair prices, personalize your repair type list & cost.
Remote validation, control vehicle inspection & validate repairs and prices.
Reports history, easy access to your digital reports.
Third Party Data & APIs, easily integrates into your existing apps, databases and business flows.
Claims Management, challenge 100% of claims with ultra-high resolution pictures.
AI Queue, manage your inspections according to operational needs.
Vehicle Pricing, orientation & sales pricing recommendation.
Direct Support, contact our support directly by chat.
ProovStation Academy, follow our training videos directly online & access the training playbook.