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ProovStation's offer includes a full range of services from site-analysis and customization of your automated vehicle inspection solution, to training and ongoing support.

Project management

ProovStation will change the way you work.

ProovStation aims to improve the way you work by optimising and automating all tasks involved in the inspection process.

Our extensive experience helps us to understand the challenges your business is facing. Every company has its own processes, inspection rules, checks and balances, a unique human organization and an IT infrastructure that has its own pros & cons. Your vehicles flow is dependent on your site layout and just like any business, you probably have other specific needs that we can address.  

To define the real value that our ProovStation will bring to you, we have designed a 4 steps process in order to be able to Plug & Play our solution:

1. Kick Off Meeting
2. Analysis
3. Specifications
4. Success Plan


With you every step of the project.

The rollout of any of ProovStation’s product involves three key steps: Installation, IT Integration & Training.

Plug & Play

Tailor made developments

ProovStation is capable to develop specific and
tailor-made solutions.

Our Tech & Product team can then adapt our solution to your needs and fully integrated it into your processes and systems.

Manufacturing & Quality control

200 hardware engineers. Production capacity 50 Stations per month!

. Fully secured site
. Workshops and production lines
. Test equipment, Validation, debug
. Competency Center for Radar & Microwave
. ISO 9001


Dedicated teams of experts.

ProovStation’s customer support team can handle any request from any end user at any time. Our automated vehicle inspection solutions also come with a comprehensive maintenance plan designed by our technicians. 

ProovStation's service team provides a quick and effective response, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure the quality of our products in your processes.

A responsive team around the clock

Our teams of experts

Who we are.

Cédric Bernard
CEO & Co-Founder

Gabriel Tissandier
General DIrector & Co-Founder

Marcel De Rycker
International Business Director

William Balas
Head of Sales

François-Xavier Flory

Diego Cardona
Head of Support



We build the future of the automative inspection!

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