AI Powered Vehicle Costed Inspection

Improve customer & employee experience, get a real time visibility and boost your profits.

Provide 100% digital standardized appraisals a fraction of the cost and time ot manual inspections.


Management Platform

Standardize your inspection process
Customize your repair prices
Activity monitoring & KPIs tracking.


Damage Capture System

360° scan of a vehicle
Vehicle identification
Automated damage detection.



Tire wear measurement via magnetic scanners powered by MICHELIN.


inspection App

Check interior, documents, electrical system, status & engine condition & collect data
Validate AI results.



Creation of a timestamped, geolocated and secured report
Data transfer through APIs.


Damage detection


Complete costed inspection



Automotive industry leaders trust us!

Our product to improve all dealership profit centers

Get a real time visibility and boost profits while improving customer & employee experience by digitializing your services.

After Market

• x2 tire sales penetration & creation of sales pipeline
• +15% of additional sales (smart repair, rims, glass, dent repair)
Sourcing tool - 100% of vehicles leave with a trade-in offer & business proposal.

Used Car

Complete costed inspection <3min
• +27% damage detection
Trade-in offer automation

New Car

• +33% damage detection
• 100% of incoming claims can be challenged.


Check-in / check-out automation
• +55% damage detection.

Management Platform


Pre-program your inspection process

Standardize your vehicle inspection guidelines
Define your repair modes and prices
Damage filtering by type, severity and/or vehicle element.

Manage your ProovStation Network

User management
Activity monitoring & KPIs tracking
Access your reports history
Remote validation of inspections
Claims management.

Damage Capture System

4 years of R&D protected by
an international patent

Station 360° scan

• Industrial structure, isolated and protected
• 200+ 4K resolution images per vehicle
• Integrated lighting system to create specific environment

AI Computing & Storage

• Edge computing and AI processing
• Automatic detection of damage type, location and severity
• Optical character recognition for licence plate and tire sidewall


• 1 vehicle every 20s - Start & Stop light signal
• Drive speed up to 7 km/h
• Universal system - works on all types or brands of vehicles

Automated tire inspection

Never waste time inspecting a tire again

Tire scanner

Tire wear measurement via magnetic technology
Sidewall reading
Works for all types and brands of vehicle tires.

MICHELIN expertise

Worldwide innovation with more than 15 patents
Algorithm for transforming measurements into business information
Data quality management and remote monitoring of installed systems.


Battery operated system that does not require a power supply
Works in all weather conditions (rain, snow...)
Does not require any cleaning related to its environment and its use (dirt, mud,...).

Fast Inspection App

Fully customizable

Vehicle identification

Data collection (mileage, age, brand, model, …)
Automatic date & location generation

Interior and equipment check & test drive

Accessories & equipment control
Interior, mechanical and dashboard symbols control

AI-powered exterior inspection

Quick validation of AI results
Repair mode selection

Photo shoot

Easy to use with photo guides
Customizable (number of pictures, angles, order)

Inspection Data uploaded to a Cloud server & accessible directly through APIs

Timestamped, geolocated and secured inspection report accessible in the Management Platform


Go further with our add-ons!

Automated tire inspection

Within several seconds get your complete vehicle inspection report with the tire tread depth measurement. 

Discover Michelin QuickScan

Undercarriage scanner

High resolution imaging for full undercarriage view(20mp). Color camera with, 3 seconds view. 

Learn more

Vehicle identification

Vehicle identification and tracking. Quick response and real time recognition of every scan saves time and energy.